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Wilde Sering: Image
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Wilde Sering: Image
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Wilde Sering

Adult - R100 pp
Kids - R60 pp
1 Night - R250 pp
2 Nights - R 480pp

The Wild Sering is a base camp multiday hike where day 1 is a combination of the Peglerae, Ktatu and Wilde Sering loops towards Hartbeespoort dam and
day 2 that has the same footprint as the Dinaneni 12.5km but gives you a new experience as it is just marked in the opposite direction.
These 2 trails are measured from the picnic area and can be done as a day hikes. You just need to add 1km.

The Wild Seringa, Burkea Africana, has its characteristic shape as a result of its leaves which grow on branches that form horizontal levels.

Wilde Sering: Service

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